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Business Learning Expeditions

Is your organisation ready for the future?


What is it?

We live in a world which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Traditional business teaching does not prepare you for this. What can you do to make a difference? Instead of waiting for an expert to turn up and tell you how you should be running your organisation, why not come and discover what management and leadership of the future could look like for you?

Why Finland?

Because we don’t know of anywhere else in the world where we can connect you with so many diverse organisations who are challenging traditional business thinking and making a difference by adopting such a cost-effective solution.

Who is it for?

This expedition is only for people who are actively involved in the day-to-day running or management of organisations, commercial or otherwise. We’re looking for people who are prepared to think collectvely with others, their own people and about their future – oh, and you’ll be  wanting to make a difference… to DO something about it!

What’s the difference?

All of the businesses that you meet are building high-performing teams. Some have abandoned management hierarchies altogether in favour of more collaborative ways of working which is bringing impressive results. You’ll meeet organisations who dare to think beyond what they know.

What will I gain?

Altitude; insight; reassurance; desire; the ability to dare to dream; freedom; agility; some grease for your creative wheels… new contacts and access to an innovative network of organisations who want to learn without constant reference to consultants and advisors….

What’s there not to like?

What’s the secret?

The secret is how they do it. But we don’t want to tell you, we want you to experience a little knowledge spillover and see for yourself. We want them to show you. We’re not going to teach you anything, but we belive that you’ll really learn something.

Typically, in the organisations which we will visit .....


Collaboration has improved by


In-house problem solving increased by


Learning capacity increased by

Expedition itinerary

Why an ‘expedition’?


We love language and its meaning, yet so many words have been hi-jacked and are mis-used: “entrepreneur” and “team” are two great examples. “Expedition” appears to have escaped so far….

The word expedition has two meanings: it can be “a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration or research…”, or, “promptness or speed in doing something”.

Our aim to achieve both

Day 1

Arrive in Finland via Helsinki with forwrard travel to our rendezvous and check-in for our first night. This is an opportunity to meet the expedition leaders and other travellers and begin to find out about each other’s organisations and backgrounds – this will be an important part of the week. Accommodation will be in a small boutique hotel.

Day 2

We’ll start the day by meeting with ….. before travelling by train to meet our first host company where you will have the opportunity to see how they work together, joining in with the process and co-creating solutions. Afterwards you can enjoy a traditional sauna and food while you relax and reflect on what you’ve learned from the day.

Day 3

Today we head north to visit a family-run timber harvesting business. Again you will be able to speak with the directors and employees to find out how they are changing the way in which the company operates and the impact that this is having on the staff, stakeholders and performance.

Day 4

Following a wrap-up session with the expedition leaders, you will travel back to Helsinki and your forward journey home.

Please note: expeditions are arranged throughout the year and the detail / itinerary will change slightly to accommodate the availability of our hosts and the requirements of attendees. Specific content will be added as it emerges and we’re working hard to make sure that you will get the best experience possible. 

Questions? We certainly hope so!

"Assume nothing, believe nobody, challenge everything......"
How many people are going?
There will be a maximum of 10 spaces and they’re available on a first-come-first served basis – don’t miss out!
How much does the expedition cost?

The cost is €1200 per person, payable upon booking. See below for details of what this includes – it’s great value!

What does the cost cover?
The cost is to cover your accommodation while on the expedition (three nights) plus your evening meals. It will also cover travel during days two and three and visits to organisations..

It doesn’t cover drinks, your travel to and from Finland (which you must arrange) or any other costs incurred outside of the remit of the expedition.

Who is organising the trip?
Your expedition guides are Chris jackson and Mikael Hirvi in response to a growing interest in progressive methods of business improvement and learning. Both Chris and Mikael (Mimmu) are experienced professional team coaches who have progressed through International Team Mastery training with Tiimiakatemia® in Finland and Akatemia® in the UK.
What happens afterwards?
That’s entirely up to you. We hope that you’ll be inspired by the experience and the people that you meet and will want to begin to prepare your organisation for the future. We’ll be happy to support you with this process, or signpost you in the most appropriate direction. There’s no obligation for you to ‘do’ anything.
What are you really selling?
There’s no sales pitch here – this is about sharing learning experiences and introducing you to what potentially could become a new way of working and think within your organisation. If you’re still not sure about what’s on offer, please get in touch with us.
I dont think I'm ready for this....
If you’ve read this far, then you’re ready!
If you're a consultant / mentor / business coach / life coach....
We’re glad you’re interested, but this expedition is designed for people diectly involved in organisations that aren’t aligned to business support. Part of the learning that travellers will enjoy will emerge from the interaction that they have with their peers. But please get in touch – we’d be happy to talk and see how we might help you.
What's the background to this?
What you’ll be seeing is the results of team coaching, based on a methodology called Tiimiakatemia®, or Team Academy, which was first introduced in Finland over 25 years ago. You can read more about Team Academy here

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