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 Jarra is a Community Interest Company (CIC), established to promote what we believe to be Best Practice in individual and organisational learning. This is based on the Team Academy or Tiimiakatemia® model which was developed in Finland over 25 years ago by Johannes Partanen. More generally, it is about people learning to take responsibility for their own learning – whatever their situation – becoming self-directed or self-managed learners, as individuals and together as teams.

With its genesis in FInland, the Team Academy philosophy is a gentle but powerful culture of ‘learning by doing’ and ‘team learning’ and has spilled over from mainstream education into other walks of life. Organisations – commercial and social – are learning that when it comes to knowning what they and  their stakeholders need as they move forward together into an uncertain future, they do not need to rely on continual formal training or the constant intervention of ‘experts’.


Why is this?

Because the organisations are already the experts. And instead of simply looking for quick fixes, or someone to tell them what to do, they are learning how to build tailored, robust ways of working that delight their clients and outsmart the competition. Quite simply, they are learning how to learn.

How do organisations learn?

By doing; by learning to communicate effectively; by learning together – not by being told.

And what do they need to learn?

Whatever it is they don’t know at any point in time, that is preventing them from responding to the world around them and delvering excellence to their clients and stakeholders.

How does this happen?

Slowly but effectively. There are no quick fixes and Team Academy methods should not be regarded as a ‘quick fix’ or ‘silver bullet’. However if you’re looking for a process that is an excellent response to a VUCA environment, read on…


Meanwhile, back in the UK…

Driven by another Community Interest Company, Akatemia, Team Academy programmes are being introduced to some of our universities, primarily for business learning. It’s early days, but the results are impressive and the methodology is beginning to gain some traction, acceptance and understanding. 

But we have some catching up to do.

Jarra aims to  supplement the work carried out in education by Akatemia and Tiimiakatemia by building learning networks that link communities – academic, commercial and social. As a ‘not for profit’ organisaton, Jarra will add value by investing in and supporting individuals and organisations who may otherwise not be aware of or able to access this type of learning.